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SunStrom North America

SunStrom specializes in photovoltaic systems (PV). Photovoltaic systems generate electricity from harvested sunlight and make a significant contribution in reducing CO2 emissions.

We are your competent partner for designing and installing photovoltaic systems of all types and sizes, helping you to make a difference in the environment.

Benefit from our expert knowledge!

We offer our clients consulting services, professional planning and turnkey installation of individually designed solar power systems. We specialize in all types of solar power systems and are able to offer our clients years of experience and expertise in the field. At SunStrom, we use only long-standing quality products from reputable companies to ensure our clients years of satisfaction and problem-free operation.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about SunStrom solar systems, please use one of the following options to contact us.

SunStrom Europe

SunStrom North America originates from SunStrom Europe which was founded in Germany, by photovoltaic experts Reiner Matthees and Stephan Riedel. SunStrom is dedicated to providing its clients with quality solar power systems. International projects round out SunStrom’s impressive list of projects. With a strong company growth in the past years, SunStrom is a strong competitor in the photovoltaic market with an extensive network of competent partners and manufacturers. Customer satisfaction and quality PV systems are the mainstay of SunStrom, evident in its large number of long-standing client relationships.

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Our Services

  • Turnkey design and installation of individually planned solar power systems.
  • Competent consulting services
  • Shade analysis
  • Annual energy yield simulation
  • Financing and incentive information for your region
  • Grid-connected applications
  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems
  • Free-field systems
  • Maintenance and service contracting

Contact us:

SunStrom N. A., LLC
PO Box 820687
Vancouver, WA 98682

direct: (360) 903-5403
mail [at] sunstrom [dot] com

We look forward to serving you!